Sponsor Spotlight: Heart Health home monitoring and digital therapeutics – becoming a “must have” in the post-COVID Era

Published: February 18, 2021

Heart Month is February making it an ideal time to remind everyone of the importance of heart health. Join the Hello Heart team as they share how employers can make a difference in their employee population’s heart health via home monitoring and digital therapeutics. They’ll cover:

• Women’s vs. men’s heart attack symptoms and resources available to help employees.
• Actionable data on adherence rates for heart-related conditions and how Hello Heart can help, and has helped, increase adherence.
• How employers can drive heart healthy changes in their organization plus the financial benefits of doing so.


Terri Bogen, Health Plan Alliances, Senior Director, Hello Heart

Dr. Joel Brill, Medical Advisor, Hello Heart

Tom Kahl, CRO, Hello Heart


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