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5 Tips for Open Enrollment Season

September 7, 2018 by Employers Health Team

Open enrollment season is upon us! So, we’re giving you five easy-to-follow tips and tricks to help your benefits team stay in the right frame of mind and ensure a successful open enrollment.

 1). Start early – Your team prepares early for open enrollment, so why not loop in your vendor partners early, too? Giving your vendors more lead time allows them to prepare paperwork, ensure plenty of time to obtain sign-off and code and test changes in the system. Early notification of changes also helps prevent errors when coding teams are busy in November and December.

2). Ask for help – Your vendors can be a great resource as you work to implement a new plan design change or program. Employers Health offers insight into what has worked well for other employers and provides suggestions around challenges that you’ll want to avoid. Think of us as an extension of your benefits team. Your ally…ready and equipped to help.

3). Set reasonable expectations: Deadlines set by vendors help to ensure a smooth open enrollment season. If you have a late change that comes in after the October deadline, understand that there might be a delay in implementing the first of the year. Work together to come to an understanding.

4). Avoid overwhelming your employees Only include relevant information when communicating plan changes. Put effort into helping your employees choose the plan that’s best for their situation.

5). Communicate early and often – Concise and clear communication will help your employees understand the new programs that you’re putting into place. Utilize your vendor partners when necessary, too! Oftentimes, they have the information already written and ready for you to share. Save your team time and sanity.

Open enrollment does not have to be a daunting task.   With the help of your vendors and tips outlined above, you can ensure a successful open enrollment.

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