PBM Purchasing Statistics

More than

billion in projected annual pharmacy spend

Covering more than

million lives in all 50 states

More than

individual plan sponsors

The realized savings over time is greater than most plans can achieve on their own. Plan sponsors get the most from the PBM relationship, while implementing their own plan design strategies, managing vendors or working through established consultants.

In addition to exceptional customer service and client solution services, participating clients tell us they value:

Clinical oversight

A team of pharmacists who regularly provide clients with information on topics such as new drugs, generic launches, plan design strategies and overall trends based on actual plan data. At no additional cost, clients benefit from first-hand knowledge and having their best interest represented with vendors.

Data Analytics/Reporting

In addition to vendor reporting, clients benefit from objective ad hoc data to help them interpret plan performance metrics. Clients are also able to receive assistance with reviewing projected budget numbers or advice on plan design changes.

Plan Oversight

We’ve built a dedicated team to enhance results and improve the participant experience. Our client solutions team works as an extension of the benefits team providing a first-class experience for clients. We work with the PBM to proactively monitor trend and implement custom solutions to benefit your plan and its participants.

Networking & Learning Opportunities

There is much to be learned from colleagues and peers. One of the most valued benefits of membership in Employers Health is the opportunity to engage with, share and learn from other like-minds. Clients benefit from dozens of learning and networking opportunities each year.

Contract Oversight/Audit

With five staff attorneys, clients can be sure that all contractual and legal aspects of vendor contracting and auditing are covered. All recoveries resulting from a no-cost independent third-party audit are passed back to the plan sponsor. Additionally, plan sponsors can connect their legal department with the Employers Health legal team to answer questions and work through negotiations.

Added Benefits

As a leading employer-led purchasing coalition, clients have access to benefits that most direct-to-vendor relationships are unable to leverage. The team at Employers Health helps facilitate these relationships and looks for every opportunity to bring added value to the equation.

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