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Employers Health engages with Optum Rx to offer the industry’s most flexible PBM program. As one of the three largest participants in the PBM and Specialty Pharmacy sector, Optum Rx creates smarter health care connections to help more than 65 million Americans realize improved care, lower costs and a better overall experience. Adapting to fit each client’s needs, Optum Rx utilizes the power of data and technology to provide insights and recommendations employers need to anticipate market trends, evaluate plan performance and calibrate overall benefit strategy.

Optum Rx understands the unique requirements of employers in the health care environment and this engagement enables you to take advantage of savings and access to the industry leading PBM services built to your specifications.

Employers who choose Optum Rx receive the following advantages:

  • Innovative and tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of employers.
  • Dedicated account management teams engage clients providing transparent and consultative guidance on formulary and benefit design.
  • Patient-centered Optum Rx Specialty pharmacy provides high-touch comprehensive support for patients with complex or chronic conditions. Using a holistic approach, specialty patients receive video consultations to review medications, as well as education and support.
  • Identification of and interventions for at-risk members, particularly those with chronic disease challenges.
  • Clinical programs and proactive strategies that engage, educate and reward behaviors to drive improved health outcomes and lower costs. Innovative programs include a Diabetes Management Program, Compound Drug Management and a Hepatitis C Outcomes Program.
  • Best-in-class implementation and customer service increases member satisfaction, helps members get the most value from their pharmacy benefit and drives improvements in health outcomes.
  • Value Formulary and formulary options tailored to align with the client’s objectives.
  • Maximum savings with a channel-neutral pharmacy approach and an in-house home delivery program.
  • Multiple aggressive pricing and rebate models which include implementation and ongoing performance guarantees.
  • Medicare Part D and Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) Services and Support.

With a focus on operational excellence, today and every day, employers can count on Optum Rx to help them meet their goals of staying well ahead of trends, costs and health.