Learn about new trends, developments, changes and other topics of interest in the employee benefits world from Employers Health’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Stull. During our monthly podcasts we’ll answer your most frequently asked human resources and employee benefits questions. You can submit your questions and topics of interest using the form below for a chance to have them addressed in future editions of our HR Benecast.

Episode 33 – Diabetes Leadership Podcast

On this episode of HR Benecast we hear from George Huntley founding member and CEO of the Diabetes Leadership Council. Listen to hear how the Diabetes Leadership Council works to reduce overall spend for employers and those living with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

Episode 32 – Excellence in Benefits Winner

Hear from 2021 Excellence in Benefits Award Winner Chris vanNatta, manager of human resources and global benefits at The Timken Company. He shares the importance of relationships, responsiveness and passion when working in benefits and manufacturing. Hear his tips for success in benefits.

The Excellence in Benefits Award, presented annually by Employers Health, seeks to recognize an individual who has made meaningful impact in the field and/or delivery of employee benefits.

Episode 31 – AccessHope – Fighting cancer with everything we know™

In this episode, we’re joined by Brian Beran, vice president of channel partner sales, at AccessHope, a company that offers cancer support services as an employee benefit to employers and their health care affiliates. Hear how AccessHope connects members and their treating oncologists to the renowned expertise of National Cancer Institute (NCI)–Designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers. AccessHope currently serves over 3 million plan members through more than 80 employers including 21 of the Fortune 500.

Episode 30 – The Client Solutions Difference

Hear from Senior Vice President of Client Solutions, Zach Hostetler as he shares how the Employers Health client solutions team has grown, what that growth means for clients and what the team is doing to help employers tackle rising health care and pharmacy benefit costs. 

Episode 29 – Ask Mike Anything – Your PBM Questions Answered

In this new feature, we ask our host and Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Stull, some of the pharmacy and other benefits-related questions we hear frequently from our listeners. Listen in for his insights on rebate chasing, the middle man’s impact on PBM, copay accumulator programs, ongoing market consolidation and what it means for employers and much more!

Congratulations to Episode 29’s gift card giveaway winner, Alison Franklin at Intuitive Surgical.

Episode 28 – A Look at Biosimilars and the Employee Benefits Plan

We recently sat down with Michelle Wang, senior pharmacy management consultant at Milliman, one of the world’s largest independent actuarial and consulting firms. Listen as she explains the importance of biosimilars for plan sponsors, the potential savings opportunities for plan sponsors and their participants and what employers/plan sponsors can do to take advantage of these opportunities. 

Congratulations to Episode 28’s gift card giveaway winner, Sandra Elka from Enterprise Holdings. 

Episode 27 – Employer Health and Productivity with Kelly McDevitt


We recently sat down with Kelly McDevitt, president of the Integrated Benefits Institute, a health and productivity research non-profit. She shares details and findings on IBI’s latest employer research studies covering employee mental health, virtual care and workplace program measurement. 

Listen to hear how employers are addressing the quality of virtual care, COVID’s impact on preventative care, long-term effects of working from home, return to work programs and more.

Congratulations to Episode 27’s gift card giveaway winner, Natalie Beatty from Enterprise Holdings. 

Episode 26 – A Conversation with Nanette Oddo of Truveris

In this episode, Employers Health’s Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Stull, is joined by Nanette Oddo, chief strategy officer at Truveris. A well-known player in the employee and pharmacy benefits industry, Truveris is an advocate for employers, providing a single source of objective truth for pharmacy benefits. 

Listen in as these leaders in the pharmacy benefit management industry discuss what differentiates the various PBMs and how employers and their plan participants may benefit from recent PBM/health plan mergers.  

Episode 25 – Cannabis in the Workplace

On this episode of HR Benecast, we are joined by Mark Bolton, senior director of public policy and senior legal counsel at Greenwich Biosciences and Employers Health’s Vice President of Clinical Solutions, Matt Harman

Together, they share the findings of a recent employer roundtable on cannabis in the workplace. They’ll cover employers’ top concerns regarding coverage of cannabis under the employee benefit plan, the process of taking a cannabis drug through the FDA approval process, what employers should be thinking about when it comes to cannabis and medical marijuana policies, the future of the drug and employee benefits policies and more.

Episode 24 – 2020 Excellence in Benefits Winner Theresa O’Callaghan

Hear from 2020 Excellence in Benefits Award winner Theresa O’Callaghan. As the executive director of benefit programs and corporate human resources at Kaman Corporation, she shares how she got her start in employee benefits and Kaman’s innovative efforts to make a difference in plan participants’ lives. Plus, hear how the organization’s executive leadership team plays a crucial part not only in her success as a benefits professional, but also to the organization’s overall benefit plans. 

Congratulations to Episode 24’s giftcard giveaway winner, Todd Bruhn of American Trailer World.