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Episode 25 – Cannabis in the Workplace

On this episode of HR Benecast, we are joined by Mark Bolton, senior director of public policy and senior legal counsel at Greenwich Biosciences and Employers Health’s Vice President of Clinical Solutions, Matt Harman

Together, they share the findings of a recent employer roundtable on cannabis in the workplace. They’ll cover employers’ top concerns regarding coverage of cannabis under the employee benefit plan, the process of taking a cannabis drug through the FDA approval process, what employers should be thinking about when it comes to cannabis and medical marijuana policies, the future of the drug and employee benefits policies and more.

Episode 24 – 2020 Excellence in Benefits Winner Theresa O’Callaghan

Hear from 2020 Excellence in Benefits Award winner Theresa O’Callaghan. As the executive director of benefit programs and corporate human resources at Kaman Corporation, she shares how she got her start in employee benefits and Kaman’s innovative efforts to make a difference in plan participants’ lives. Plus, hear how the organization’s executive leadership team plays a crucial part not only in her success as a benefits professional, but also to the organization’s overall benefit plans. 

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Episode 23 – Looking Back on Pharmacy Benefits in 2020 and What’s to Come for Employers

In this episode, we’re joined by Zach Hostetler, vice president of client solutions at Employers Health. He’ll share what we’re hearing from self-insured employers throughout the country including:

  • How COVID changed their employee benefits strategy in 2020.
  • Specialty management and other high-cost issues faced by employers.
  • What employers are focusing on and the challenges they’re anticipating in 2021.

Listeners will also hear an update on the Employers Health client solutions team’s growth and how they work with the EH clinical pharmacists to serve as an extension of the benefits team.  

Episode 22 – Pharmacy Benefit Strategies with Mike Zucarelli of CBIZ

In this episode, Mike Zucarelli clinical pharmacist and national pharmacy practice lead for CBIZ and host Mike Stull discuss the impact of specialty medications on employers’ budgets and the strategies being adopted in the marketplace such as copay maximizer programs and specialty prior authorizations.

Episode 21 – Checking in with Christian Moreno – Senior Vice President at Lockton Dunning Benefits

Join us as Mike Stull talks with Christian Moreno to hear his insights on the current state of employee benefits. Hear the newest trends and top priorities he’s seeing from employee benefits professionals; how wellness, disease management, utilization, specialty and COVID-19 all play into stop loss management; and other health benefit developments.

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Episode 20 – A Check in with Right Direction

Hear from Right Direction co-director, Sean Godar, as he shares the latest developments and updates on Right Direction, a high-impact, turnkey initiative that raises awareness about depression and other mental health conditions in the workplace. He shares how employee benefits and HR professionals can utilize the initiative to provide free resources, tools and expert guidance on workplace mental health to help create a healthier and more engaged workforce.

Episode 19 – Special Guest Tracy Spencer of Pharmaceutical Strategies Group

We recently interviewed Tracy Spencer, senior vice president of employer groups and strategic clients at Pharmaceutical Strategies Group, a leading pharmacy intelligence and technology company. In this episode Tracy shares opportunities for employers in the PBM marketplace, the latest plan design trends and developments including copay programs, needs-based programs and more.

Episode 18 – Health Care Ate My 401(k)

In this episode listeners will hear from Peggy West, director of compensation and benefits at Formica, and Rocke Blair, managing director at Sheridan Road Advisors, a HUB International Company, as they share how they’ve worked proactively to help employers and employees realize both the economic and health benefits of treating health and retirement benefits as one.

Episode 17 – Pharmacy Benefits Q&A

In this episode we’ll cover questions from the audience including the affects of COVID-19 on the PBM industry, how pharmacy rebates work, how minimum rebate guarantees are determined and some of your most frequently asked questions about specialty pharmacy.

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Episode 16 – Gene Therapy

We speak with Kelsey Dieters, a clinical pharmacist at Employers Health as she updates us on gene therapy, the latest in specialty pharmacy. She’ll share what gene therapy is, how it can help patients and what employers can do to mitigate the risk of its often high price tag.

If you’d like to learn more about gene therapy and what it could mean for your organization’s employee benefit plan, contact your Client Solutions Executive, Kelsey Dieters or Matt Harman.

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