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Quantum Health

Beyond Expectations…

Quantum Health provides employees with exceptional experiences through its deep understanding of their needs and emotions. Now, Employers Health clients can work collaboratively to bring down medical plan costs through this unique relationship with Quantum Health!

More than
Years in Navigation Industry

Average Household Engagement

Average Year 1 Trend Reduction

Industry-leading results, validated by independent actuaries:

  • Improve the employee experience – Members can access their benefits from any device, through a single point of entry, where they receive highly personalized, data-driven, empathetic support that feels like an extension of the HR team. No more lists of vendors and phone numbers.
  • Activate the benefits ecosystem – Members are guided to condition-specific point solutions, and steered to narrow, specialty and high-performance networks. Care coordinators educate members on complex plan design, as well as cost and quality of care, and connect members to ancillary and voluntary benefits when needed.
  • Leverage vital clinical expertiseIn-house clinicians provide expertise on all pharmacy, disease, complex case and utilization management for members and have a view into all benefits and claims, allowing for seamless member and provider support.
  • Maximize provider relationships – Overcome the challenges of a disengaged population with a direct line to providers. As the single point of contact for providers on eligibility, benefits and precertification, health issues are intercepted earlier and members receive clinical care coordination paired with provider guidance for maximum benefit.
  • Change participant behavior – Without guidance, health care is costly and complex. Navigation support from Quantum Health is an essential part of health care benefits, providing employees with experts and tools they trust. This results in a better experience and increased satisfaction for employees – and measurably lower health care costs for employers.

One I.D. card, One number to call.

  • Maintain your existing network with a better experience.
  • Access national and preferred network structures via carrier-owned TPAs.
  • Utilize data to better engage participants and drive client strategy.
  • Aligned and dedicated teams within Quantum and EH provide enhanced plan management support.
  • Participant intervention an average of 60-days sooner than other models through Quantum’s Real Time Intercept™.
  • Drive better quality care at a lower cost.

We believe no one should have to navigate the cost and complexity of health care alone.

To learn more about how Employers Health and Quantum Health can benefit your plan, please contact your Employers Health representative or call 330-305-6565.

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