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Beyond Pharmacy: New Approaches to Reducing Top Healthcare Costs

August 15, 2024
2:00PM - 3:00PM ET

About the Event

Benefits leaders today are taking a close look at their highest areas of spend, with a particular focus on pharmacy. While most employers do not view surgery as a distinct category, surgical costs account for 20% of employer health care spending and are projected to increase by 15%.  In this webinar, we’ll discuss why you should consider assessing your claims data in a new light and how an inclusive Center of Excellence (COE) solution can help you tackle this growing category and significantly reduce costs.

Join Erin Tatar from Employer Direct Healthcare as she moderates a panel discussion on:

  • How to analyze your claims data to better understand what’s driving your spend at a category level.
  • Why benefits leaders should consider looking beyond MSK and bariatrics to drive savings across surgery as a category.
  • How an inclusive Center of Excellence (COE) solution can improve quality outcomes while reducing costs.
  • How shipping and logistics leader ArcBest and energy manufacturer Phillips 66 applied this approach to their benefits program and saw results.