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Episode 44 – Pharmacy Benefit Rebate Credit

This episode features Employers Health Chief Operating Officer, Zach Hostetler. He joins our Chief Sales Officer, Mike Stull to discuss pharmacy benefit rebate credits and why they exist. They’ll cover how rebate credits are calculated, how long we can expect rebate credits to be around, how Employers Health is working to validate the value of the rebate credits and more. 

In this podcast

Michael Stull, MBA

Employers Health | Chief Sales Officer

Since 2004, Mike Stull has been a contributor to Employers Health’s steady growth. As chief sales officer, Mike works to expand Employers Health’s client base of self-insured plan sponsors across the United States.

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Zachary Hostetler, J.D., MBA

Employers Health | Chief Operating Officer

Zach serves as chief operating officer, providing strategic consulting to Employers Health and its clients.

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