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The Larry L. Morgan Service Award

Award Establishment

The Larry L. Morgan Service Award was established as the William K. Wilson Service Award in 1988 after Bill Wilson, a retired vice president of marketing at Diebold, Inc. Mr. Wilson played a pivotal role in the founding of Employers Health through his leadership as executive secretary of the Stark County Foundation, which provided initial funding for our organization.

Larry L. Morgan Service Award

In 2017, the award was renamed after Larry L. Morgan, longtime board member and advocate of Employers Health, who tragically passed away in late December 2016. Larry was the longest-serving Employers Health board member and served as chairman of the board from 2000-2015.

This Year’s Recipient

This award is presented each year for outstanding support and contributions to Employers Health. It has been presented annually since 1988. It recognizes the effort and service rendered to Employers Health.

Congratulations to the 2023 Larry L. Morgan Award recipient,
Ilona Smith of CVS Caremark.

Past Recipients, 1988-2022

C. Ken Dennis of The Timken Company – 1988 
James Ewing of Belden & Blake Corporation – 1989 
David Stewart of Diebold, Incorporated – 1990 
Timothy Schiltz of The Hoover Company – 1991 
Eugene Thorn of Doctors Hospital – 1992 
Bill Jones of Nationwide Insurance Company – 1993 
Nancy Adams of Stark County Medical Society – 1994 
David Millington of Watson Wyatt Worldwide – 1995 
John Baum of Citizens Savings Bank (Predecessor to FirstMerit) – 1996 
Michael Novelli of Professional Claims Management – 1997 
Larry Salasek of Rubbermaid, Incorporated – 1998 
Kathy Hohner of Caremark, Inc. – 1999 
Patricia Grischow of The Timken Company – 2000 
Scott Streator of Parke-Davis (a division of Pfizer) – 2001 
Emily Sitrin of Caremark, Inc. – 2002 
Melodee S. Webb of The Timken Company – 2003 
John Gaunter of Wyeth – 2004 
Rod Sprang of Sanofi-Aventis – 2005 
Sharon Aten of Akron Children’s Hospital – 2006 
Dr. Timothy Newman of FirstEnergy Corp. – 2007 
Kathy Flynn* of Novo Nordisk – 2008 
Miguel Hechavarria* of Novo Nordisk – 2008 
Donna Hedrick* of Novo Nordisk – 2008 
Julia Hoff* of Novo Nordisk – 2008  
Del Deem* of Astra Zeneca – 2009 
John Miskella* of Astra Zeneca – 2009 
John Westerbeck, MD* of West Medical – 2010 
Joseph Lach, MD* of West Medical – 2010 
Sheelah Westerbeck* of West Medical – 2010 
Greg Paradiso of Glatfelter – 2011 
Gary Thurnauer of Pfizer – 2012 
Rob Fitzgerald of Abbott – 2013 
Clare Miller of American Psychiatric Foundation – 2014 
Sue Grabowski of Grabowski & Co. – 2015 
Larry Morgan of Stark County Educational Service Center – 2016  
Eddie Minor of CVS Health – 2017 
Deborah Walter of Takeda Pharmaceuticals  – 2018
Mike Napolitano of CVS Caremark – 2022
Ilona Smith CVS Caremark – 2023

*Denotes team award recipient
No awards were given from 2019-2021