Since 1983, Employers Health has provided resources, tools and expertise to help plan sponsors deliver access to high-quality health benefits at a sustainable cost. Employers Health commits to staying aligned with the interests of our employer clients and transacting our business in a way that is independent of perverse incentives that are common in the marketplace while remaining transparent in our business practices.

February 24, 2021Variation in Physician Cost and Quality

Nick Reber, Founder and CEO, Garner Health

Nick Reber, founder and CEO of Garner Health, explains how new health care data are helping us uncover the single most important factor in determining health and cost outcomes: individual physician performance.

Nick will demonstrate the wide variation in physician quality, the serious implications this has on patient cost and how you can help get your employees to the best doctors in their neighborhoods. Garner Health is a simple plan addition that helps employers drive more care to the highest quality doctors nearby without requiring a change in network or carrier.

February 23, 2021Sponsor Spotlight: Current Strategies for Specialty and High-Cost Medication Management

Renzo Luzzatti, President, US-Rx Care

Milton Nagel, Assistant Superintendent for Administrative Services, Caroline County Public Schools

Even with the most prudent contracts and capable PBMs, independent clinical interventions can minimize additional risk and save the plan and its participants money. Discover how a school consortium has utilized US-Rx Care’s proprietary clinical management programs to save an average of $30 per plan participant per month all with no change in PBM or benefit design.

February 18, 2021Sponsor Spotlight: Heart Health home monitoring and digital therapeutics – becoming a “must have” in the post-COVID Era

Terri Bogen, Health Plan Alliances, Senior Director, Hello Heart

Dr. Joel Brill, Medical Advisor, Hello Heart

Tom Kahl, CRO, Hello Heart


Heart Month is February making it an ideal time to remind everyone of the importance of heart health. Join the Hello Heart team as they share how employers can make a difference in their employee population’s heart health via home monitoring and digital therapeutics. They’ll cover:

• Women’s vs. men’s heart attack symptoms and resources available to help employees.
• Actionable data on adherence rates for heart-related conditions and how Hello Heart can help, and has helped, increase adherence.
• How employers can drive heart healthy changes in their organization plus the financial benefits of doing so.

February 9, 2021Sightlines Series: Specialty Management Strategies

Matt Harman, PharmD, MPH, Vice President, Clinical Solutions, Employers Health and Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer, Employers Health


Matt Harman, PharmD, MPH, Vice President, Clinical Solutions and Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer, at Employers Health will discuss the most popular topics in pharmacy – specialty drugs! Viewers will gain insight around the pros and cons of popular specialty strategies, including specialty and clinical management carve-out, site-of-care administration and more.

January 28, 2021Sightlines: Market Update

Eric Dublikar, MBA, Vice President, Business Development (East), Employers Health and Josh Pedrozo, MBA, CEBS, Senior Director, Client Solutions and Team Lead, Employers Health


Discover ways to maximize your organization’s benefit plans while gaining insight around PBM Trends such as:
• Strategies employers are exploring to better manage specialty patients and their associated drug costs
• Contracting tips and things to watch for in your next PBM evaluation
• Marketplace activities and observations
• Benchmarking data to compare plan design and performance

January 26, 2021Sightlines Series: PBM Contracting

Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer, Employers Health & Dave Uldricks, J.D., LL.M., Senior Vice President, PBM Contracting and Strategy, Employers Health


This is the second webinar in our Sightlines Series where Mike Stull and Dave Uldricks from Employers Health will discuss PBM contracting and its impact on PBM performance.

Viewers can expect to gain insight around the PBM services agreement, legal obligations of ERISA fiduciaries and other crucial topics plan sponsors should be mindful of.

January 21, 2021Employers Health Snapshot

Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer, Employers Health


Have you added a new team member?
Need a refresher on how Employers Health can be an extension of your benefits team?
Interested in learning how EH clients maximize value through collaborative purchasing solutions?
Interested in additional membership benefits beyond group purchasing?

Hear from Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer at Employers Health, as he presents on how to make the most of your Employers Health relationship.

January 12, 2021Sightlines Series: PBM Fundamentals

Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer, Employers Health


Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Stull, sets the stage for our 2021 PBM Sightlines Series!

Attendees joining us for this session will gain insight around:
• Market forces impacting pharmacy trend
• Benchmarking data to compare your plan’s performance
• Changes in the supply chain affecting plan sponsors
• Insights into transparent pricing models
• Strategies to manage specialty pharmacy

December 8, 2020The Intersection of Health and Finances and What They Mean for Your Employees

Barb Page, Vice President of Marketing at Optum Financial


Health and finance have never been more connected. We have seen with the pandemic that a health crisis can lead to a financial crisis not only with individuals and families but with the economy as a whole. Join us to hear from Barb Page, Vice President of Marketing at Optum Financial, as she provides insight into:

• Using predictive modeling to engage consumers in their health and finances, moving along the Health Finance Journey
• HSAs as an investment vehicle now and into retirement

November 19, 20202020 Annual Meeting | The 2020 Presidential and Congressional Elections: What do They Mean for the Employee Benefits Agenda

Jim Klein, President, American Benefits Council


Hear from a leader in employee wellness and engagement at the 2020 Employers Health Annual Meeting. Keynote speaker, Jim Klein, President, American Benefits Council, shares how our leader’s agenda will affect employers and their health benefit plans in the coming years.

November 4, 2020Migraine: The Costs & Solutions for Employers

Dr. Wayne Burton, Healthcare Strategic Advisor and Consultant; Neil Goldfarb, President and CEO of the Greater Philadelphia Business Coalition on Health; David Hines, Executive Director of Employee Benefits at Metro Nashville Public Schools.


Affecting more than 30 million Americans, migraine headache imposes significant costs on employers. Migraine is the fifth most disabling illness in the United States and data currently show that migraines cost employers about $19 billion/year in indirect costs of which 81% can be attributed to lost migraine-related workdays. An often-misunderstood disease, migraines are frequently misdiagnosed and under treated.

During this webinar, you will discover:
• An overview of migraine headache including triggers, diagnosis and testing
• Direct and indirect costs of migraine for employers
• Treatments including new preventative options
• Workplace support and educational programs for employees with migraine
• How to reduce the impact of migraine on your workforce while increasing productivity

October 29, 2020Employers’ Health & Wealth LIVE: Preparing for New Employment Issues Raised by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Megan Glowacki

Partner, Thompson Hine LLP

This presentation will address:
• Implementation best practices for COVID-19 health assessments and testing in the workplace
• How to appropriately handle COVID-19-related absences and requests for leave, including quarantine periods for employees who test positive and obtaining medical clearance for their return to work and requests for intermittent or other leave due to the reopening of schools
• Requests for COVID-19 accommodations such as those for employees with underlying health conditions or those who are pregnant

October 22, 2020Employers’ Health & Wealth LIVE: Top Trends Impacting Retirement Plans as it Relates to COVID-19

Karen Roberts, CEBS, CRSP, QKA

Vice President of Plan Operations and Compliance, CBIZ

This presentation will address:
• How to navigate a rapidly changing retirement marketplace
• Trends in investments, well-being and employee psychology
• Actionable steps to help your organization manage your retirement plan
• Potential retirement plan solutions to ease business cash flow
• Lessons from real-world retirement plan sponsors

October 14, 2020NationsHearing Hearing Aid Benefit Discount Program

Zack Weitz, Associate Director of Client Services


Since 1983, Employers Health has been providing resources, tools and expertise to employers looking to bring high-quality health benefits at a sustainable cost, to their employees. We are pleased to announce a new relationship and hearing aid discount program for your employees through NationsHearing, a leading provider of comprehensive and cost-effective hearing service solutions.

During this presentation, you’ll discover how this new offering can benefit your organization! Zack Weitz, associate director of client services at NationsBenefits will discuss:
• the value of offering your employees a hearing benefit
• the specific offerings included with the NationsHearing program
• custom implementation solutions led by NationsBenefits

October 8, 2020Employers’ Health & Wealth LIVE: Employment & Employee Benefits in Light of COVID-19

John Kirk, Attorney


This presentation will address:
• PTO issues related to COVID-19
• Mid-year benefit plan changes
• Privacy issues related to COVID-19
• IRS/DOL relief and deadline delays for employers
• Recent law changes for benefits

October 6, 2020Movement in the Marketplace: A Pharmacy Trends Update

Sree Chaguturu, M.D., Chief Medical Officer; Josh Fredell, PharmD, Vice President of Product Development

CVS Caremark; CVS Health

Hear from industry experts Sree Chaguturu, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at CVS Caremark and Josh Fredell, PharmD, Vice President of Product Development at CVS Health, as they share the latest in pharmacy benefits including:

• The specialty pipeline
• The current state of COVID-19 and how it has impacted benefit plans
• How CVS Health is evolving their specialty capabilities to manage spend and trend

September 24, 2020Summer Benefits Camp: A Case Study in Navigation: ApolloMD on Engagement, Satisfaction and Results

Sarah Simmons Schreiber, Vice President, Sales

Quantum Health

Who helps the helpers?
ApolloMD has a team of 2,500+ physicians and advanced practice clinicians, all with their own health care needs. Join Jackie Olliff, Vice President, Head of Human Resources at ApolloMD, Amy Katnik, Chief Operating Officer at ApolloMD, and Sarah Simmons Schreiber, Vice President, Sales at Quantum Health, to discuss ApolloMD’s navigation experience, what led the ApolloMD team to consider Quantum Health and their overall approach to employee health.

August 27, 2020Summer Benefits Camp: The Impact of Custom Utilization Management Programs

Matt Harman, PharmD, MPH, Senior Director of Pharmacy, Kevin Wenceslao, PharmD, Clinical Advisor, Kelsey Dieters, PharmD, Clinical Advisor

Employers Health

During this presentation, the Employers Health Clinical team will:

• Evaluate the recent changes in the pharmacy landscape to better inform employer decisions on the pharmacy benefit.
• Highlight the financial impact of custom utilization management programs implemented by Employers Health clients.
• Provide information regarding the growing specialty class of HIV and changes around the utilization and coverage of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medications.

August 26, 2020Mental Health, Depression and Ending Stigma in the Construction Industry

Cal Beyer, Vice President, Workforce Risk & Worker Well-being, Leia Spoor, Senior Clinical Consultant

CSDZ, a Holmes Murphy Company, Holmes Murphy

Stigma associated with mental health conditions runs high in the construction industry with high rates of suicide. But that’s changing as the industry tackles stigma by raising mental health awareness, engaging in creative campaigns and helping employees feel psychologically safe seeking treatment when it’s needed.
During this webinar, leaders in this movement share the innovative ways they’ve busted stigma, engaged leaders and made a positive difference. Much can be learned from this work, which is especially important as our nation faces a surge in people experiencing mental health conditions.

August 7, 2020Mental Health, Organizational Culture and the Role of Compassion

Monica C. Worline, Ph.D.

Core Faculty, Center for Positive Organizations Ross School of Business, University of Michigan; Founder & CEO, EnlivenWork, Inc. A scholarship-to-practice incubator for thriving organizations; Research Scientist, Center for Compassion and Altruism Research & Education Stanford University

There has never been a time when we more needed a clear and practical understanding of compassionate approaches to mental health at work. Dr. Worline will address the trying times we find ourselves in and offer a research-based view of the role of compassion in supporting adaptability to change, enabling a resilient economic foundation for organizations, and fostering cultures that support workplace mental health from the ground up.

July 21, 2020Summer Benefits Camp: Social Determinants of Health and Employment

Rita Horwitz, President & CEO

Better Health Partnership

Employees often face challenges maintaining employment and contributing fully to their work due to pressing complex medical, social, emotional and economic needs. Some are living “paycheck to paycheck” and may be just “one flat tire away” from losing their jobs.

June 30, 2020Summer Benefits Camp: Looking to the 2020 Election and Beyond

Heidi Sorensen, J.D., Counsel

Alston & Bird

Listeners will:
Explore the latest policy developments on Capitol Hill affecting plan/PBM relationships.
Discover how your plan may be affected by new HHS guidance and rulemaking.
Uncover tips and tools for staying on top of the changing legislative and regulatory landscapes.

June 25, 2020Summer Benefits Camp: Making Health Care Simple, Affordable and Predictable

Theresa O’Callaghan, Executive Director, Benefit Programs & Corporate Human Resources and Wendy MacDougall, Director of Service Solutions Service Solutions Strategy

Kaman Corporation, Cigna

Cigna One Guide helps customers like Kaman Corporation and its employees make smart health care decisions while guiding them through every stage of their health care journey. Backed by intelligent technology, One Guide is designed to support plan participants in successfully navigating the health care system, making every interaction count.

June 16, 2020Summer Benefits Camp: Options for High-Value Prescription Drug Coverage

Sarah Emond, MPP, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

Participants will:
• Understand how a fair price for prescription drugs can be determined using a value assessment framework and cost-effectiveness analysis.
• Discover two to three prescription drugs with prices in line with their clinical benefit for patients, and two to three prescription drugs with prices out of line with their clinical benefit for patients.
• Encounter three to five ways payers, employers and policymakers can use independent assessment of fair pricing to improve the value of their prescription drug spend.

June 3, 2020Summer Benefits Camp: Evaluating the Effectiveness of your Specialty Utilization Management Program

Julayna Meyer, Senior Vice President

Lockton Dunning

After this presentation, the audience should be able to:
• Understand the market size and distribution of specialty dispensing.
• Understand the 3 main areas for specialty cost management.
• Describe the difference in utilization management effectiveness.
• Give examples of different areas to look for in evaluating effective utilization management criteria.

May 27, 2020Effectively Addressing Depression & Workplace Mental Health

Depression is on the rise. This started before Covid-19 but is now projected to reach crisis levels. Employers play a key role in supporting employees experiencing depression and other mental health conditions. This includes raising awareness and encouraging help-seeking behavior. People experiencing these conditions should be reminded that they are not alone. There are tools and resources available to employers and employees to address these issues.

Join us as we share both online and community resources and tools to effectively address depression and workplace mental health. This includes guidance in planning a workplace mental health initiative during and beyond Covid-19.

You will learn about these issues and more:
• Recognizing the signs of depression and other mental health conditions
• Using Right Direction, a turnkey initiative, to raise depression awareness and encourage help-seeking behavior
• Making the Business Case for Your Workplace Mental Health Initiative
• Connecting with community resources

May 5, 2020PBM Webinar Series: Specialty Management Strategies

Matt Harman, PharmD, MPH, Senior Director of Pharmacy and Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer

Employers Health

Matt Harman, PharmD, MPH, Senior Director of Pharmacy, and Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer, discuss the most popular topic in pharmacy – specialty drugs.

Attendees will gain insight around the pros and cons of popular specialty strategies, including specialty and clinical management carve-out, site-of-care administration and more.

April 1, 2020Detecting Disease Through Eye Exams

Dr. John W. Lahr, O.D., FAAO, Vice President/Medical Director


Vision benefits can only be valuable if employees know why they matter to their health and their wallet and how to use them.

During this webinar, attendees will gain insight around:

• The benefit of regular eye exams in managing overall health
• How offering vision benefits saves employers money
• Communicating vision benefits’ health impact to employees

February 19, 2020Delta Dental: Is Your Dental Plan Ready for the Next Decade?

Jason Nickoloff, Account Executive and Kelly McClain, Account Executive

Delta Dental

Hear from Jason Nickoloff and Kelly McClain, Account Executives at Delta Dental of Ohio, for a webinar discussing what you need to know about your dental plan moving into 2020. Attendees will also learn how the nation’s leading provider of dental insurance makes it easy to protect your smile and keep it healthy.

Gain insight into:
• Tips and tools to gauge plan performance
• The importance of providing dental benefits
• What makes Delta Dental different
• Value-added benefits from Employers Health

Gain insight into:
• Tips and tools to gauge plan performance
• The importance of providing dental benefits
• What makes Delta Dental different
• Value-added benefits from Employers Health