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June 30, 2020Summer Benefits Camp: Looking to the 2020 Election and Beyond


Heidi Sorensen, J.D., Counsel

Alston & Bird

Listeners will:
Explore the latest policy developments on Capitol Hill affecting plan/PBM relationships.
Discover how your plan may be affected by new HHS guidance and rulemaking.
Uncover tips and tools for staying on top of the changing legislative and regulatory landscapes.

June 25, 2020Summer Benefits Camp: Making Health Care Simple, Affordable and Predictable


Theresa O’Callaghan, Executive Director, Benefit Programs & Corporate Human Resources and Wendy MacDougall, Director of Service Solutions Service Solutions Strategy

Kaman Corporation, Cigna

Cigna One Guide helps customers like Kaman Corporation and its employees make smart health care decisions while guiding them through every stage of their health care journey. Backed by intelligent technology, One Guide is designed to support plan participants in successfully navigating the health care system, making every interaction count.

June 16, 2020Summer Benefits Camp: Options for High-Value Prescription Drug Coverage


Sarah Emond, MPP, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Institute for Clinical and Economic Review

Participants will:
• Understand how a fair price for prescription drugs can be determined using a value assessment framework and cost-effectiveness analysis.
• Discover two to three prescription drugs with prices in line with their clinical benefit for patients, and two to three prescription drugs with prices out of line with their clinical benefit for patients.
• Encounter three to five ways payers, employers and policymakers can use independent assessment of fair pricing to improve the value of their prescription drug spend.

June 3, 2020Summer Benefits Camp: Evaluating the Effectiveness of your Specialty Utilization Management Program


Julayna Meyer, Senior Vice President

Lockton Dunning

After this presentation, the audience should be able to:
• Understand the market size and distribution of specialty dispensing.
• Understand the 3 main areas for specialty cost management.
• Describe the difference in utilization management effectiveness.
• Give examples of different areas to look for in evaluating effective utilization management criteria.

May 27, 2020Effectively Addressing Depression & Workplace Mental Health


Depression is on the rise. This started before Covid-19 but is now projected to reach crisis levels. Employers play a key role in supporting employees experiencing depression and other mental health conditions. This includes raising awareness and encouraging help-seeking behavior. People experiencing these conditions should be reminded that they are not alone. There are tools and resources available to employers and employees to address these issues.

Join us as we share both online and community resources and tools to effectively address depression and workplace mental health. This includes guidance in planning a workplace mental health initiative during and beyond Covid-19.

You will learn about these issues and more:
• Recognizing the signs of depression and other mental health conditions
• Using Right Direction, a turnkey initiative, to raise depression awareness and encourage help-seeking behavior
• Making the Business Case for Your Workplace Mental Health Initiative
• Connecting with community resources

May 5, 2020PBM Webinar Series: Specialty Management Strategies


Matt Harman, PharmD, MPH, Senior Director of Pharmacy and Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer

Employers Health

Matt Harman, PharmD, MPH, Senior Director of Pharmacy, and Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer, discuss the most popular topic in pharmacy – specialty drugs.

Attendees will gain insight around the pros and cons of popular specialty strategies, including specialty and clinical management carve-out, site-of-care administration and more.

April 21, 2020PBM Webinar Series: PBM Contracting


Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer and Dave Uldricks, J.D., LL.M, Vice President, PBM Contracting and Strategy

Employers Health

Mike Stull is joined by Dave Uldricks from Employers Health to discuss PBM contracting and its impact on PBM performance.

Attendees can expect to gain insight around the important items that plan sponsors should be mindful of when reviewing a PBM services agreement, the legal obligations of ERISA fiduciaries and more.

April 1, 2020Detecting Disease Through Eye Exams


Dr. John W. Lahr, O.D., FAAO, Vice President/Medical Director


Vision benefits can only be valuable if employees know why they matter to their health and their wallet and how to use them.

During this webinar, attendees will gain insight around:

• The benefit of regular eye exams in managing overall health
• How offering vision benefits saves employers money
• Communicating vision benefits’ health impact to employees

March 12, 2020PBM Webinar Series: PBM Fundamentals- Setting the Stage


Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer

Employers Health

Chief Strategy Officer, Mike Stull, sets the stage for our 2020 PBM Webinar Series!

Attendees joining us for this session will gain insight around:
• Market forces impacting pharmacy trend
• Benchmarking data to compare your plan’s performance
• Changes in the supply chain affecting plan sponsors
• Insights into transparent pricing models
• Strategies to manage specialty pharmacy

February 19, 2020Delta Dental: Is Your Dental Plan Ready for the Next Decade?


Jason Nickoloff, Account Executive and Kelly McClain, Account Executive

Delta Dental

Hear from Jason Nickoloff and Kelly McClain, Account Executives at Delta Dental of Ohio, for a webinar discussing what you need to know about your dental plan moving into 2020. Attendees will also learn how the nation’s leading provider of dental insurance makes it easy to protect your smile and keep it healthy.

Gain insight into:
• Tips and tools to gauge plan performance
• The importance of providing dental benefits
• What makes Delta Dental different
• Value-added benefits from Employers Health

Gain insight into:
• Tips and tools to gauge plan performance
• The importance of providing dental benefits
• What makes Delta Dental different
• Value-added benefits from Employers Health

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