Since 1983, Employers Health has provided resources, tools and expertise to help plan sponsors deliver access to high-quality health benefits at a sustainable cost. Employers Health commits to staying aligned with the interests of our employer clients and transacting our business in a way that is independent of perverse incentives that are common in the marketplace while remaining transparent in our business practices.

05/17/22Fertility & Family Planning Solutions

Brent Atkins, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Progyny

-Develop inclusive fertility and family building benefits as a core benefits strategy

-Evaluate components of an effective and efficient fertility and family-building benefits strategy

-Avoid poor outcomes and additional costs with a comprehensive fertility benefit that will drive better outcomes, equitability in benefit structure, high member satisfaction and plan spend savings.

05/17/22Pharmacy Benefit Trends & Strategies

Matthew Harman, PharmD, MPH, Vice President, Clinical Solutions, Employers Health
Kevin Wenceslao, PharmD, Clinical Advisor, Employers Health
Hannah Whitesel, PharmD, Clinical Advisor, Employers Health

-Effectively assess pharmacy benefit plan decisions necessitated by changes in the pharmacy industry

-Review the current drug pipeline and how it could affect plan sponsors

-Take a deep dive into the potential budget impact of blockbuster products

05/17/22Employee Benefit Legislation Roundup

Garrett Brown, J.D., CEBS, Assistant General Counsel, Employers Health

Madison Evans, J.D., CEBS, Associate Counsel, Employers Health

-Hear how various state initiatives are impacting employee benefit plans, including pharmacy benefits

-Evaluate how COVID has impacted the regulatory landscape

-Gain insight into the Consolidated Appropriation Act (CAA), including the No Surprises Act and updates to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (MHPAEA), and Transparency in Coverage (TiC) Final Rule

05/17/22Getting to the Heart of Employer Health

Jenn Roberts, Vice President of Employer Strategy, Hello Heart

-Empower Members: Putting the right tools in member hands to enact health changes

-Consider Inequities: Health disparities impact on populations and how to design programs with these members in mind

-Proven Outcomes: Identify solutions with proven engagement, clinical outcomes and validated cost savings

05/17/22Using Navigation to Eliminate Barriers to Care – Quantum Health

Sarah Simmons-Schreiber, Vice President, Sales, Quantum Health

Denise Wagner, BA, RN, CCM, Clinical Manager, Client Support, Quantum Health

-Explore recent research that shows how employees are challenged by health care complexity and lose productivity dealing with health issues

-Discover roadblocks to employees’ well-being, from difficulty navigating health care and benefits to a range of social determinants

-Dig into how a human-centered navigation and care coordination approach creates trust and uncovers health disparities in order to help consumers get the right care, at the right time, for the best health outcomes

05/17/22U.S. Caregiver Crisis

Aimee Gindin, Head of Marketing & Strategy, Torchlight, a LifeSpeak Company

-See the impact caregiver responsibilities have on marginalized populations including racial minorities, women, LGBTQ+ and others

-Evaluate why minorities are less likely to have access to caregiver resources and paid leave, why 20% of family caregivers show clinical signs of depression and 33% report experiencing moderate to severe forms of anxiety and what employers can do to support them

-Learn ways that investing in employee caregivers supports your organization’s bottom line and contributes to a caring culture

2022 pbconference feature
Federal and State Regulatory Efforts: Solving the Post–Rutledge Puzzle

Garrett Brown, J.D., CEBS, Assistant General Counsel, Employers Health

Madison Evans, J.D., CEBS, Associate Counsel, Employers Health

– General overview of federal and state regulatory efforts
– Rutledge v. PCMA, its origins and the implications for self-funded plans
– Summary and cost impact of state legislation impacting the pharmacy benefit

2022 pbconference feature
Obesity Coverage Trends and the Financial Impact

Courtney Keefe, PharmD, Clinical Advisor, Employers Health

– Background information on the inclusion of obesity benefits
– Overview of obesity coverage survey results regarding current trends and coverage decisions
– Comparison of the financial impact for different obesity utilization management strategies

2022 pbconference feature
Active Clinical Management and the Impact on the Pharmacy Benefit Plan

Tu Doan, PharmD, Clinical Advisor, Employers Health

– Review the current selection of targeted clinical programs
– Discuss the financial impact of targeted clinical strategies
– Explore unintended consequences associated with exclusionary strategies

2022 pbconference feature
Biosimilar Cost, Utilization, and Pipeline

Leslie Fish, RPh, PharmD, Vice President of Clinical Pharmacy, IPD Analytics, LLC

Jeffrey Casberg, MS, RPh, Vice President of Clinical Pharmacy, IPD Analytics, LLC

– Review of approved biosimilars in the US and market share trends
– Initial, current, and future biosimilar management trends
– Physician and Pharma response to biosimilar agents
– Biosimilar interchangeability and Authorized Biologics
– Biosimilar products in the pipeline
– Patient and healthcare system impact

2022 pbconference feature
Addressing Gene Therapy
Financial Challenges

Robert O’Brien, RPh, Vice President Specialty, Real Endpoints

– Identify challenges associated with financing and reimbursement of cell and gene therapies
– Describe emerging products to address risks associated with these treatment options
– Discuss implications and potential actionable next steps

2022 pbconference feature
New mAbs on the Block: A (Rocking) Research Update on Biosimilar Uptake and Benefit Design Strategies

Cate Lockhart, MS, PharmD, Ph.D., Executive Director, Biologics and Biosimilars Collective Intelligence Consortium

Jennifer Snow, MPH, Vice President of Reimbursement Policy Insights, AmerisourceBergen/ Xcenda

– Describe the therapeutic areas, pipeline, and regulatory environment affecting the biosimilar landscape
– Report results of current research on barriers to biosimilar adoption and impact of benefit design and formulary policies on utilization
– Discuss prospective payer management strategies in anticipation of market entry of pharmacy benefit biosimilars

2021 flu vaccine infographic social
2021 Flu Vaccine Infographic

Employers Health

Employers Health helps explain why it’s important to get the flu vaccine in 2021.

2021 infertility survey feature 01
2021 Infertility Survey

Employers Health

An infertility coverage survey was distributed to employee benefits and HR professionals in order to provide insight into fertility practices currently utilized by Employers Health clients.

2021 Rx Annual Report
2021 Rx Annual Report

Employers Health

Employers Health’s 2021 Rx annual report.

2020 ar feature
2020 Annual Report

Employers Health

Employers Health’s 2020 annual report.

2021 covid vaccine info feature 1
2021 COVID Vaccine Information

Employers Health

Employees hesitant about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine? This infographic shares safety info and frequently asked questions.

Clientsurvey 01 Feature
2021 Employer COVID Survey Findings

Employers Health

In a recent survey of self-insured employers throughout the U.S., benefits professionals were asked how their organization plans to handle the COVID-19 vaccine.

Clientsurvey 01 Feature
Bereavement Leave Survey Results

Employers Health

Employers share their organization’s
bereavement leave policies to assist other employers
when making benefit-related decisions.

2020 Midyear Results 01 Feature
2020 Mid-Year Results

Employers Health

Click to see the key metrics of the Employers Health pharmacy benefit contract in the first half of 2020.

Clientsurvey 01 Feature
2020 Client Satisfaction Survey Results

Employers Health

Each year Employers Health surveys its clients to gain valuable feedback regarding their experiences with our organization and the vendors with which we work.

Pbmcasestudy 02 Feature
A PBM Case Study: How a Midwestern University Reduced Spend While Improving Results

Employers Health

Like many employers, a private Midwestern university was struggling to combat rising health care costs.

Pbmcasestudy 01 Feature
A PBM Case Study: How a Regional Catholic Diocese Reduced Spend While Improving Results

Employers Health

Like many employers, a regional Catholic diocese was struggling to combat rising health care costs.

WFO PTO Survey
PTO WFH Infographic

Employers Health

Respondents were asked to provide input regarding their organization’s paid time off (PTO), telecommuting, work from home and flextime policies prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Rx Annual Report
2020 Rx Annual Report

Employers Health

As we continue to grow, employers continue to benefit. We invite you to look back on the success clients achieved as part of our PBM group purchasing programs in 2019.

2019 Flu Vaccine Infographic
2019 Flu Vaccine Infographic

Matthew Harman, PharmD, MPH

Get the facts about the the flu vaccine.

Survey EAP Summary
Survey EAP Summary

Employers Health

Employers Health recently surveyed its membership to gain insight on Employee Assistance Program (EAP) usage.