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About the Postgraduate (PGY1) Managed Care Residency Program

Employers Health’s residency program offers a unique business setting that allows residents to be the clinical resource for employers on topics such as new drugs, plan design recommendations and overall trends based on actual plan data. By working closely with three of the country’s largest PBMs, residents also have the opportunity to network and learn strategies to benefit the more than 1 million lives within the coalition’s collective strategy program.

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The Employers Health residency program is a unique program that allows me to grow and learn from a highly talented team. As a resident, I am offered countless opportunities to support clients and vendors early on and see the positive impact our team has on employers and their members. This residency is preparing me to effectively present and interact with our clients, industry representatives, and help with the development of cost reduction strategies. I am grateful to be part of a team that supports my professional and personal growth, this is a one-of-a-kind experience.

– Dr. Ernesto Munoz | Pharmacy Resident


As drug costs continue to gain national attention, the necessity for managed care pharmacists to lead the efforts in the efficient purchasing of medications has never been greater. The Employers Health Residency Program provides the training ground for recent pharmacy school graduates to transform into these much-needed managed care pharmacists.

The purpose of our program is simply to develop clinical advisors. We do this by building upon the Doctor of Pharmacy education, establishing sound managed care principles and empowering residents to lead clinical initiatives and discussions.

At Employers Health, the clinical team is an essential element in the success of our growing coalition. Our ability to provide independent analysis and recommendations in the constantly-evolving pharmaceutical landscape plays a major role in our high loyalty and satisfaction from our clients. This would be extremely difficult to maintain if we did not have a quality resident each year working with our staff and employers.

Program Details

  • Length of Program: 12 Months
  • Application Deadline: January 15th
  • Starting Date: July 1st
  • Annual Salary: $60,000 
  • Onsite Interview: Yes


Applicants must obtain a PharmD by 7/1 and provide two letters of recommendation along with a curriculum vitae (CV), college transcripts and letter of intent. Ideal candidates likely possess managed care experience, leadership in professional organizations, strong communication skills and an eagerness to learn.


  • Full health insurance
  • 20 days paid time off
  • Paid holidays
  • Reimbursable business travel
  • 401(k) contributions
The Employers Health Residency Program is based in Columbus. Ohio’s capital city is full of beautiful neighborhoods, a critically acclaimed food scene and top-ranked attractions. This booming mid-west destination has something for everyone to explore!

Rotations & Opportunities

Client Solutions

Provide support in analyzing, interpreting and presenting pharmacy benefit cost and utilization information and inform clients how clinical strategies can contribute to lower cost of care.

Data Analytics

Review and analyze pharmacy claims and plan data to identify relevant trends and present findings at the Academy of Management Care Pharmacy (AMCP) annual conference.

Drug Information

Offer clinical consultation to staff and self-insured employers on drug therapies, pipelines and current treatment guidelines.

New Business Development

Aid the sales team in educating potential clients on the benefits of participating in Employers Health’s $1.2 billion group purchasing program for pharmacy benefits.

Pharmacy Benefit Contracting

Comprehend how pharmacy benefit managers operate and the ways to contract with them effectively.

Utilization Management

Identify the need for and create utilization management strategies targeting inefficient prescription spend.

Employer Flu Shot Clinics

Vaccinate patients at various employer locations throughout Ohio.


Assist in precepting APPE and IPPE students and stay involved with local AMCP pharmacy school chapter activities.


Participate in teaching and developing a managed care elective course at an Ohio college of pharmacy.

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The residency program offered me hands-on opportunities to become a well-rounded managed care pharmacist. I gained exposure to both the client and vendor experiences and saw how they lead into providing better outcomes for employers as well as their members. In turn, I was able to confidently present to clients, interact with industry representatives, and help develop innovative plan design recommendations. Plus, this is a team of passionate people who care about both your professional and personal growth. This truly is a residency unlike any others.

– Dr. Courtney Keefe | Clinical Advisor

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