Our Mission

Employers Health is committed to providing resources, tools and advice to help plan sponsors deliver high-quality health care benefits at a sustainable cost.

How we accomplish our mission:

  • Group purchasing strategies.
  • Data interpretation and benchmarking.
  • Building healthy workforces.
  • Idea sharing.
  • Market intelligence and analysis.
  • Supporting population health improvements.
  • Creating an environment where all teammates bring their best selves.

Our Vision

Employers Health will be a premier, nationally recognized employer-led organization with a focus of:

  • Engaging with employers as their go-to resource in achieving success in employee health and plan performance.
  • Managing a multibillion-dollar purchasing collective for PBM services.
  • Offering expertise and insight into supplier management, health management and data analytics.

Our Value

Employers Health brings value through a host of solutions that help our members achieve:

  • Affordable, high-quality health care benefits.
  • Healthier employees who are more productive in their individual jobs, thereby creating better organizational performance.
  • An informed workforce, that interacts with the health care delivery system more effectively, leading to better health outcomes and lower costs.
  • Fully engaged, resilient employees who can more effectively meet the challenges of today’s work and family environments.
  • Work cultures with aligned incentives that produce employee loyalty and create “best places to work.”