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Senior Benefits Data Analyst - Compliance


The Senior Benefits Analyst – Compliance will be responsible for the administration of the Company’s global benefits compliance programs; assists in the development and implementation of compliance strategies in the administration of the Company’s qualified employee benefit plans and programs and non-qualified benefit plans and programs; ensures understanding of relevant US federal and state laws and regulations and foreign laws and regulations as they relate to employee benefit plans and programs; provides input and compliance expertise for the development of US and global benefit strategy and plan designs and the implementation of such plans.

This role requires the ability to interact with our US consultants and vendor partners, such as Lockton, MetLife, and Empower; the company’s outside legal counsel, such as Jones Day; and the company’s global professional service firms such as Mercer, Willis Towers Watson, and Aon, to ensure these advisors provide prompt, complete, and accurate compliance data and statistics and legal and regulatory guidance.  As a global role, this interaction relates to matters involving the Company’s Global Brokerage process for all countries with Timken operations.

Company benefit plans: defined contribution, defined benefit, medical and prescription drug program for active employees and retirees, short-term disability, long-term disability, other health & welfare programs, and the supplemental executive retirement plan and other executive benefit programs.  This includes global and US benefit programs and union and salaried participants.

Job open: Tuesday, February 9, 2021 to Tuesday, March 09, 2021