Employers Health is a national coalition of employers passionately committed to providing resources, tools
and advice that help plan sponsors deliver high-quality
health care benefits at a sustainable cost.

With our solutions, employers can
Realize  Maximize  Advance  Accelerate
their benefit strategies, creating a healthier and more engaged workforce.


Through education programs, benchmarking surveys and networking opportunities, members can REALIZE their potential to implement
cutting-edge benefit strategies.


Employers Health works with members to equip, empower and engage through expanding ideas and providing resources and tools to solve today’s benefits challenges.

Member benefits:

  • Education, Networking and Information Exchange
  • Health Care Reform Monitoring and Navigation
  • Employer Engagement Initiatives

Our collective strategy and group purchasing solution helps employers save time sourcing their own providers, saving money on high-quality health services and products.

Members gain:

  • Better pricing through leveraged agreements.
  • A full team of Employers Health professionals as trusted advisors.
  • Shared contracting, procurement and audit services.
  • Plan-specific pricing and performance guarantees.
  • Ownership of plan design and plan strategy.

Creating an effective benefit plan design begins and ends with plan sponsors having access to and understanding their data. Data analytics also extends into developing strategies to keep employees healthy and productive. Employers Health offers an array of strategic advisor solutions. These solutions assist plan sponsors to ADVANCE their benefit strategies and improve organizational value and performance.

Our Insight solutions include:

  • Data Analytics
  • Health Management Consulting
  • Consultant Selection RFP

Through the Employers Health Benefits Accelerator – an integrated solutions platform – members can access an online portal to best-in-class medical, pharmacy and ancillary providers.

Our Benefits Accelerator provides:

  • Flexibility and broader plan design selections.
  • Ability to use defined benefit or defined contribution.
  • Choice in funding between fully-insured or self-insured.
  • Integration and facilitation of new or existing workforce health and well-being strategies.
  • Ongoing data analysis and interpretation.
  • An award-winning online and telephonic consumer experience.
  • A one-stop destination platform for medical, pharmacy and ancillary health care benefits.



With our collective strategy programs, members’ unique strategies are MAXIMIZED through the use of group purchasing solutions.



Through our data analytics, employers can better understand their benefits data, which can ADVANCE their strategies to keep their workforces healthy and productive.




Through the Employers Health Benefits Accelerator – an integrated solutions platform – employers can access an online portal to best-in-class medical, pharmacy and ancillary products.


Pharmacy Benefits Management

Employers Health is a leading coalition for pharmacy group purchasing

Plan sponsors get the most from the PBM relationship, while implementing their own plan design strategies,
managing vendors or working through established consultants.


Private Exchange for Health Insurance Open to Employers Health Members

(Canton, OH, March 4, 2014) - Employers Health Purchasing Corporation ("Employers Health") announces the creation of the Employers Health Benefits Accelerator, an integrated and comprehensive health benefits platform that facilitates employers' efforts to provide access to high-quality health care while controlling overall...


New Survey Reveals Employers' Plans, Preferences and Challenges Related to Private and Public Health Insurance Exchanges

NEW YORK - December 12, 2013 - Private health insurance exchanges are one health benefit option employers are considering to reduce their costs and administrative burdens, while increasing choice and access to coverage. According to a national survey of 723 employers, 45% said they plan to consider or will be using a...


Employers Health Announces Joint Business Relationship with PricewaterhouseCoopers and Three Employer-Led Coalitions

A private health insurance exchange is an option employers are exploring to cut healthcare costs, reduce administrative expenses and increase benefit choices for employees. Studies indicate that many U.S. employers are examining private exchanges for active employees. Moreover, some large employers have already adopted or...



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