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A Visibly Different Pharmacy Benefit Alternative for Employers Health Clients

The Elixir Common Sense Approach

Consolidation continues in the health care industry among health plans, pharmacy chains and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) leaving plan sponsors with fewer options and less flexibility. Elixir was founded on the idea of providing an alternative to the traditional pharmacy benefit management (PBM) model and aligning interests with those of clients and their employees.

Elixir, formerly known as EnvisionRx, built the original pass-through pricing model, along with patented technology to provide rebates and discounts at the point of sale. We offer clients exceptional value through flexible plan design options, robust patient analytics and highly customizable networks. This common sense approach helps you better manage and understand what you’re spending, and how to optimize the pharmacy care experience for your patients.

Math That Makes Sense

Do you really know what your pharmacy spend is? When you pay for high-cost, high-rebate drugs your employees don’t even need, it just doesn’t make sense. While others try to pass off rebates and discounts as savings, Elixir focuses on reducing your real drug spend. Its balanced clinical approach gets patients the right drug, at the right time and the best cost.

Your Plan, Your Way

As a national health care company that owns all the necessary pieces of the pharmacy care experience, Elixir works with you in a consultative manner to design programs and services to meet your unique needs—from full service to à la carte.

Proven Patient Experience

Because diseases manifest differently from patient to patient, we provide highly individualized care with condition-focused clinical controls to effectively manage complex conditions and improve outcomes.

The Attention You Deserve

Elixir has nearly two decades of experience working with employer groups of all sizes. With all the capabilities of the biggest PBMs, Elixir offers the operational flexibility you need to meet your individualized goals.

Elixir is URAC accredited for pharmacy benefit management and one of only four PBMs recognized by URAC for excellence in drug therapy management. Additionally, Elixir’s mail order and specialty pharmacies are accredited by URAC, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies (NABP) and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for safely dispensing traditional maintenance medications and specialty drugs.

Sensible Solutions to Meet Your Changing Needs

  • Stop Unnecessary Drug Spend – A trend has crept into the pharmaceutical industry where new, high-cost drug formulations are being created from existing lower-cost medications. These expensive new drugs provide no clinical advantage and unnecessarily inflate drug spend. It is important to have a system to identify these non-essential drugs and provide lower cost alternatives. Elixir’s Non-Essential Drug (NED) program saves plans as much as 60% per targeted prescription.
  • Better Manage Specialty Medications – Elixir is completely integrated with its specialty pharmacy, ElixirSpecialty, to provide support to patients before, during and after their treatment, providing individualized care from certified specialty and often disease-certified pharmacists. Condition- and drug-focused, this model determines patients’ readiness for therapy, and continually monitors disease progression and medication adherence for optimal outcomes.
  • Help Employees Save Money on Lifestyle Medications – Your prescription benefit plan might not cover certain lifestyle medications, such as acne or weight loss drugs. However, these medications can be important to your members. With the ElixirSavings Personal Savings Program (PSP), your members will receive as much as an 80% discount on non-covered medications simply by using their existing Elixir prescription card. And there’s no additional cost to the plan!

Employers Health + Elixir

The Employers Health and Elixir relationship provide crafted Rx Solutions to help you manage rising health care costs. Elixir’s unique pass-through pricing model offers you all negotiated drug discounts and rebates, while benefiting from the added support provided by the Employers Health team.

Value-Added Benefits from Employers Health:

  • Highly scrutinized contract, managed by EH legal and pharmacy experts, evaluated and recommended to self-funded plans by leading consultants
  • Market-competitive pricing guarantees, negotiated annually
  • Claims audit ensures Elixir is compliant with the contract and provides evidence to fulfill a plan sponsor’s fiduciary responsibilities
  • Flexible plan options, including various network, formulary and clinical management opportunities to maintain client autonomy
  • Implementation support and proactive management among the plan, its consultant, EH and Elixir, creating a high retention and satisfaction rating