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Episode 16 – Gene Therapy

We speak with Kelsey Dieters, a clinical pharmacist at Employers Health as she updates us on gene therapy, the latest in specialty pharmacy. She’ll share what gene therapy is, how it can help patients and what employers can do to mitigate the risk of its often high price tag.

If you’d like to learn more about gene therapy and what it could mean for your organization’s employee benefit plan, join us August 11 and 12, 2020 at the  PBM and Annual Innovations in Benefits Conference where Matt Harman and Kelsey Dieters, from the EH clinical team will present Employers and Gene Therapy, The Past, Present and Future.

Episode 15

Hear from Vice President of Account Management, Zach Hostetler, as he shares with our host what we’re hearing from member organizations including what they are focused on and benefit challenges they are anticipating in 2020 and beyond. He’ll also provide an update on our account management team and the resources they provide to member organizations and their benefit teams.

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