Director, Benefits Administration

Job Summary:

The University of Akron, Human Resources Department is seeking to fill the position of Director, Benefits Administration.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Primary responsibilities include: overseeing the administration of the University’s group benefits package; serving as primary liaison between the University and consultants, legal counsel, vendors, plan administrators, and federal and state agencies to ensure benefit program alignment, operational efficiency, and compliance with contractual agreements and legislative requirements; reviewing all plan documentation including original and amended plan summaries, documents, agreements, and policies to ensure accuracy and compliance with all provisions of the plans and legal requirements; developing and preparing benefit plan information and statistical / census data and reports to provide information for decision making to actuaries, auditors, insurance carriers and management; maintaining benefit plan finances and budget; planning, developing, implementing, and coordinating introduction of benefits plan offerings through use of a variety of employee communication strategies utilizing a variety of methods to ensure effective and timely availability of information for employee awareness and understanding; designing and monitoring the benefits plans; evaluating the effectiveness of the University’s benefits programs in relation to the University’s strategic objectives; initiating and / or participating in area and industry benefit surveys to evaluate, analyze, and develop recommendations based on comparison of University benefit plan offerings with other similar employers to ensure alignment of benefit plan mix with stated strategic objectives and goals; preparing proposals and developing specifications for new or revised benefit plan offerings to maintain competitiveness in the marketplace and ensure plans meet all applicable federal, state, and local regulations, laws, and requirements; developing and supervising the work activities of departmental personnel while providing advisement, feedback, and support when necessary; ensuring adherence to high performance and customer service standards; performing activities to support the operation and utilize human resources information systems; managing and evaluating operational effectiveness and efficiency of plan administration, associated workflow processes and reporting efficiencies; working closely with appropriate IT resources to coordinate application of vendor required upgrades, conversions and patches to ensure ongoing integrity and accuracy of computerized integrated human resources system; directing, managing, and supervising complex university-wide special projects / research as requested; identifying opportunities for implementation of solutions designed to improve service, efficiency, and organizational effectiveness as appropriate; directly supervising and evaluating of work as a first-line supervisor over non-exempt staff including hiring, terminating, disciplining; or functional guidance and project leadership over exempt staff engaged in activities of a recurring basis.

Education and Experience Required:

Relevant Bachelor’s degree; four years experience working with general employee benefits, worker’s compensation, and retirement plan administration; demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles, practices, methods and technique of benefit concepts and theories; understand requirements under current federal and state laws, statutes, regulations, policies, and directives pertaining to employee benefits; experience in using critical proofreading and editing skills to review complex and detailed plan documentation; ability to apply critical thinking and advanced problem-solving skills for interpreting plan language for compliance with required standards; possess excellent customer service, written and oral communication skills; computer skills including word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and human resources information systems; demonstrated knowledge of budget management; experience in planning, analyzing, and coordinating activities; and experience establishing priorities, effectively managing, supervising, and evaluating assigned staff.

Application Instructions:

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