November 10, 2020



About The Event

Hear from industry expert Kathy Brady, Founder, Population Health & Organizational Strategies at CMB Health Inc., for a deep dive into current employer trends related to obesity including:

• direct and indirect costs associated with excess weight
• tips on where to start
• solutions to addressing the burden of obesity


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Novo Nordisk

Speaker Details

Kathy Brady

Founder, Population Health & Organizational Strategies, CMB Health Inc.

Kathy has more than 25 years of extensive experience dynamically interfacing with cross-disciplinary and key stakeholders, including hospital systems, health plan carriers, brokers and third-party administrators, to provide internal and external services and resources to employers. Her intrinsic ability to understand what is needed to proactively create change and define collaborative health management opportunities comes from developing and pioneering health management strategies throughout her entire career. Kathy’s passion is also analyzing multiple data platforms to understand conditions, cost, behaviors and the multitude of opportunities to target disease states based on health data, quality care recommendations, health insurance coverage options, access to care and employer readiness.

Kathy has consulted with large to mid-size corporations, health care systems, law firms, manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical companies, payers and wellness vendors, including Johnson & Johnson, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, Einstein Healthcare Network and Stern & Eisenberg PC. She brings her transformational leadership style to organizations, engaging company-wide collaboration and out-of-the box approaches that enhance internal and external client experiences and telling the story of why.

Kathy was the creator of a comprehensive wellness and disease management strategy for a northeast regional health care system’s self-funded health plan, which resulted in over $9 million in cost savings. She partnered with hospital administration, physician leadership and the onsite pharmacy to develop quality health care programs, improve access to care and create a dynamic culture of wellness. The collaboration resulted in increased preventive and condition-based care gap compliance by 60% over a 5-year period and an increase in preventive care compliance by 50% for mammograms, colonoscopies, pap smears and annual physical examinations within a 1-year period. She also increased plan membership utilization in the Einstein-preferred network by 14% within 1 year. Kathy lead health care data solutions targeting physician behaviors and health plan members to determine physician prescribing patterns and condition management, clinical outcomes, health plan design and cost. She also developed a physician-integrated employee obesity pilot program and was granted a $150,000 donation for program implementation.

Early in her career, Kathy developed targeted outreach engagement methods and tracking techniques to address high-risk plan members’ chronic conditions for Johnson & Johnson, which have been adopted as standard operating procedures. Moreover, she created a prototypical methodology to analyze health statistics to determine and maximize return on investment, the subject of a featured article in Fortune magazine.

Kathy is on the board of the ACHRM. ACHRM provides over 1000 progressive employers with leading-edge health care cost-containment strategies through implementation groups, workshops, webinars and other initiatives. She is a certified health coach and received her Bachelor of Science with a major in Health Education from Temple University. Kathy is pursuing her master’s degree in Health Administration.


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