2021 Annual Meeting

November 18, 2021


About The Event

What’s driving medical cost trend as we head into 2022? Certainly the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way Americans seek and access care. Join PwC for a walk-through of PwC’s Behind the Numbers report, offering insight into the key factors employers should consider when budgeting for 2022 and beyond.

Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer at Employers Health, will announce the 2021 recipient of the Excellence in Benefits Award, followed by his annual EH Year-In-Review presentation.


*Times shown in Eastern Time (ET)

November 18

10:30 AM Employers Health Business Meeting

Christopher V. Goff, J.D., M.A., CEO and General Counsel, Employers Health

10:40 AM Forces Driving Benefit Costs in 2022


11:30 AM 2021 Excellence in Benefits Award
11:45 AM Employers Health Year-in-Review

Mike Stull, Chief Strategy Officer, Employers Health