About The Event

Are you new to Employers Health, new to your team or just need a refresher on the benefits of membership? We want to ensure you and your consultant make the most of your pharmacy benefits.

Join us for a brief presentation on Employers Health’s enhanced service model with CVS and discover how to best utilize the resources available only to EH clients. We’ll cover:  

  • A breakdown of the various CVS account management roles and how to maximize these assets. 
  • The independent clinical, analytic, legal and educational resources available through Employers Health. 
  • What to expect from our annual contractual market check and financial claims audit and when to expect it.    

By invitation only.

Speaker Details

Josh Pedrozo, MBA, CEBS

Vice President, Client Solutions

Josh serves as a vice president of client solutions and team lead working to achieve high engagement, high satisfaction and retention with clients.


Matthew Harman, PharmD, MPH

Vice President, Clinical Solutions

As Vice President of Clinical Solutions, Matt works to monitor, evaluate and improve the pharmacy plan performance of the Employers Health $1.5 billion PBM group purchasing programs with CVS, OptumRx and Elixir.