Gaining Insight

Creating an effective benefit plan design begins and ends with plan sponsors having access to and understanding their data. Data analytics also extends into developing strategies to keep employees healthy and productive. Employers Health offers an array of strategic advisor solutions. These solutions assist plan sponsors to ADVANCE their benefit strategies and improve organizational value and performance.

Health Management Consulting

At Employers Health, we believe healthy employees are the foundation for organizational success. And with the continued uncertainty of health care reform and rising health care costs, the health of employees remains a top priority for employers. With our health management consulting solutions, clients can reduce barriers to implementing a well-being initiative as well as maximize the value of their current efforts. The Employers Health approach helps employers build a tailored business strategy that creates a culture of health – and one that can positively impact business success.

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Consultant Selection RFP

Employers Health has developed a thorough, documented procurement process for clients to select the right consultant or broker for benefits consulting services. This includes a complete process, from RFP development to contracting. Employers Health experts ensure you find the right firm by asking the right questions.

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