Level Dues
All privately held and/or publicly traded organizations, other than those that meet the criteria of an Affiliate, Contributor or Labor Union, as defined in the Employers Health by-laws and described below.
$4.50 per individual (employee or retiree) per year, capped at $12,000
Governmental (i.e. school districts, municipalities, counties) and other not-for-profit organizations domiciled in Ohio excluding those that fall into the Contributor classification below.
$750 per year
Managed care organizations, health care providers (i.e. hospitals, physician groups), TPAs, consultants, brokers and pharmaceutical manufacturers who do not participate in an EHPC program.
$1,000 per year
Labor Unions (e.g. Taft-Hartley health and welfare funds, VEBA Trusts). $4.50 per fund member per year, capped at $12,000
Participating Group 
An organization participating in Employers Health group purchasing programs through its membership or strategic relationship with an Employers Health Strategic Affiliate.
Not applicable

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