Like many employers, a private Midwestern university was experiencing rising health care costs. Through a competitive bid process, the university selected Employers Health’s collaborative contract, leveraging its $1.5 billion in collective pharmacy spend to drive improved contractual pricing and terms. The university benefited from continuing contract improvements and additional recommended plan design changes, including custom clinical management options designed exclusively for Employers Health clients. These changes resulted in multiple years of double-digit savings.

The savings achieved through effective contract and utilization management with Employers Health enabled the university to invest more in its core priorities, benefiting its students, professors, staff and campus community.

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About the Author

Sean Godar, Ph.D., MBA

Sean Godar, Ph.D., MBA

Director and Team Lead, Analytics and Employer Solutions

Sean works closely with employers and human resource professionals to identify health benefit issues and develop product-driven strategies that increase employee engagement and promote financial, physical and mental wellness, including our Right Direction initiative