It’s hard to believe that the initial Know Your Numbers initiative was launched nearly 10 years ago to help employee benefits and HR professionals assist employees and other plan participants in managing their health and well-being with an easy to implement tool. While technology has progressed through the advent of Apple Watches, Fitbits and other wearable devices that can track everything from how long you’ve been sitting, to your heart rate, employers have continued to find value in this simple yet effective Know Your Numbers campaign 

High blood pressure, elevated LDL cholesterol and high blood glucose levels are all very controllable. Early diagnosis and management can help you and your employees stay healthy and live a long, productive life. To help get your team members on the right track and remind them of the importance of these treatable health issues, we encourage you to share the following resources:

  • The Know Your Numbers Brochure provides healthy targets for cholesterol levels, blood glucose and blood pressure along with helpful information on Body Mass Index (BMI) and tips on how to maintain a healthy weight. 
  • The convenient Know Your Numbers Pocket card provides a simple chart to track all this information that is vital to a person’s health along with a quick reference to target numbers.  

You can share these resources digitally, have them printed professionally to share at benefits fairs or print on demand right from your office.  To keep employees on track, be sure to send them regular reminders on the importance of knowing their numbers. We’ve included some helpful resources to share below.  

American College of Cardiology – Understanding High Cholesterol  

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – Eating Right 

U.S. Department of Agriculture – My Plate 

American Heart Association  Healthy Living 


Emily Clevenger

Emily Clevenger

Director, Marketing

Emily Clevenger is a member of the Employers Health marketing communications team.