Applicable large employers (“ALE”) and employers who provide minimum essential coverage will have to file additional tax forms in 2016 for the 2015 plan year. Listed here is a brief overview of the information that employers and plan sponsors will be required to provide.

• Name, address and EIN of the plan sponsor.
• Name, address and TIN for “responsible individual” (Note: date of birth may be used if, after reasonable efforts, the TIN cannot be obtained. See 79 FR 13220 for what constitutes a reasonable effort).
• Name and TIN for all covered individuals.
• Months for which each individual was covered during the year.
For Group Health Plans:
• Name, address and EIN of the employer sponsoring the plan.
• Whether the coverage is a qualified health plan enrolled in through the SHOP exchange and the SHOP’s unique identifier.
Statements to covered individuals:
• Phone number for the person designated as the reporting entities contact person.
• All of the information provided to the IRS under this section.

• Name, address and EIN of the ALE.
• Name and telephone number of the ALE’s contact person.
• Calendar year for which the information is being reported.
• Provide certification, for each calendar month, that the ALE offered its full-time employees (and their dependents) the opportunity to enroll in minimum essential coverage under the employer-sponsored plan.
• Months during the year that minimum essential coverage was available.
• Each full-time employee’s share of the lowest cost monthly premium (self-only) for coverage providing minimum value offered to that full-time employee under an eligible employer-sponsored plan, by calendar month.
• Number of full-time employees each month during
the year.
• Name, address and TIN of each full-time employee
during the year and the months the employee was covered.

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Zachary Hostetler, J.D., MBA

Zachary Hostetler, J.D., MBA

Vice President, Client Solutions