Plan sponsors interested in developing strategies to deliver health benefits have several options with Employers Health.

Benefits Accelerator® is a well-developed strategy that harnesses technology, preferred vendors and proven concepts that emphasize heightened health status and well-being. This strategy can accelerate a plan sponsor’s objectives; control health care costs, streamline benefits administration, provide access to a supply chain of high quality providers and highly motivated member engagement.

Employers Health is an extension of its plan sponsor members’ human resources and benefits teams and therefore is well positioned to understand the challenges, missed opportunities, lack of internal capacity and general discontent with vendors who fail to achieve plan sponsor expectations. Moreover, some plan sponsor representatives struggle with defining a core strategy, identifying the right vendors to execute a strategy and measuring outcomes to determine if the process has yielded success.

Savvy plan sponsors recognize the following problems in achieving optimal benefit outcomes:

  • Low prevention rates
  • Waste in the health care delivery system
  • Variation in provider pricing and clinical outcomes
  • Inappropriate clinical management
  • Low member engagement
  • Inferior member advocacy
  • The lack of early and effective clinical intervention

To begin understanding how to overcome these challenges with a first-to-the-market solution, call 330-305-6565 or email