Employers Health members can now access Compliancedashboard – helping you take the worry out of compliance.

Whether large or small, self-insured or fully-insured, most employers are unaware of the full scope of their fiduciary responsibilities to ensure their plan complies with applicable laws and mandates. This can expose many companies to DOL Audits, lawsuits and employee dissatisfaction. Compliance is not only necessary – it's the law.

Compliancedashboard is a turnkey compliance solution that provides employers with an interactive email and follow-up system that monitors and documents the completion of each compliance activity, ensuring that important tasks are completed on time and securing the proper documentation. What's more, Compliancedashboard is ready to incorporate all new regulations that arise from Health Care Reform into this same interactive, web technology that is currently used by thousands of employers to fulfill their compliance obligations.


If Employers Health members are interested or need more information on the Compliancedashboard solution, contact Garrett Brown at or visit